Design Process

Every project begins with research, followed by insights, ideation, validation and adaptation.

test tubes with chemicals
Step 1. Research​​​​​
It is important to remember what problems are being solved in order to understand how to reach the goal.

Stakeholder Interviews
Market Analysis
Metrics (KPI & Analytics) Review
Information Architecture
Surveys & User Interviews
Step 2. Insights
Once good metrics have been established, I gather insights to discuss with stakeholders.

Sitemaps & User Journeys
Insights Report
Contextual Inquiry
Color Theory
Step 3. Ideation
It is important to iterate quickly, learn fast and obtain input from developers whenever possible.

Design Studio
Sketches & Wireframes
Interactive Prototypes
Interaction Design
Style Guides
Step 4. Validation
Validation is one of the most crucial steps to ensure designs are being properly conveyed and that they will work in the marketplace.

A/B Testing
Usability Testing
Feature Analysis
Product Optimization & Refining
Step 5. Adaptation
As the adage goes, design is never finished. It's a best practice to repeat these steps again to keep the design growing and adapting.